DO-178C and DO-254 are now required for nearly all aerospace-related systems. Commercial and military aircraft, UAV’s, and even satellites require compliance or certification to DO-178C/254. However, both newcomers and experts agree: DO-178C/254 are complex standards with either great benefits or great costs, depending on your understanding. That’s where ConsuNova comes in.
In our two day training session attendees will learn the real intent of DO-178C and DO-254 and the best practices that make them successful. We start with a brief history of the standards to show the DO-178C/254 evolution path leading to today’s interpretation. Attendees learn why DO-254 is 80% similar to DO-178C and why the key differences must be understood. With most systems containing both hardware and software, this class combines DO-178C (software) and DO-254 (hardware) to demonstrate the exact application of both within the components of their system.
• Overview of the Certification Process for TC/STC vs TSO/ETSO products.
• Emphasis on ARP 4754A (Systems Dev.) in relation to DO-178C/DO-254.
• Emphasis on ARP 4761/4761A (Safety Assessment).
• In-depth Planning.
• Requirements & Design Workshop/Samples.
• Performing Compliance Audits.
• Compliance Options for DAL-D or Military.
• Differences in FAA vs. EASA compliance.
• COTS, COTS IP & Previously Developed HW/SW.
• Understand the true foundation and rationale for DO-178C/254.
• Apply military and commercial avionics certification and compliance techniques.
• Understanding and applying leading DO-178C/254 practices.
• Applying DO-178C/254 Risk, and Complexity reduction techniques.
• The content of DO-178C Supplements.
• Cost estimation and reduction practices.
• How to identify and apply dedicated DO-178C and DO-254 tools.
• Understanding the content and purpose of supplements for:
› DO-330/ED-215 Software Tool Qualification
› DO-331/ED-216 Model-Based Development and Verification
› DO-332/ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology
› DO-333/ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement

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